Covid 19 Readiness

The Covid-19 pandemic has been hard on all of us- students, parents, teachers and staff! We have all made sacrifices and will continue to do so to keep our students on track with their learning. Till we reopen, we will continue with the online mode of learning.

When we return to learning in school, a primary goal of our faculty will be to assess areas of strength and potential gaps for all our students from Nursery to Grade 12. We will make a serious attempt to ensure that the students are supported in every way when they return to school. All of us need to do everything we can to understand student readiness to attend school when it reopens.

The reopening of the school will be in phases with timelines or dates based on government directions and control of the pandemic within the state.

A plan for a phased reopening will be based on the critical requirement of students to attend classes physically, government directions and the prevalent pandemic situation in the city.

  • Phase 1 reopening would possibly only entail 10th and 12th standard students who are affected by the board examinations and who need to attend physical classes due to certain requirements, labs etc.
  • Phase 1.a. Attending school only for assessments
  • Phase 1.b. Attending school for lab requirements
  • Phase 1.c. Attending school for classes
  • Phase 2 could be for all the senior classes from 9th to 12th standard and this will be based primarily on the instructions from the government, the pandemic situation and the willingness of the parents to send their wards to school.
  • Phase 3 could be for all students from 8th standard onward until the 12th standard.
  • Phase 4 would be full reopening of the school.


  • Based on the number of students likely to attend classes, classrooms will be prepared making sure that there is adequate social distancing.
  • Each classroom will only seat half the number of students of that section. (Not more than 15 students in a room.)
  • Adequate disinfectants and hand washes will be placed at prominent places within the school.
  • Instructions will be issued to all students to maintain social distancing when in school.
  • No contact sports or activities will be allowed, and this will be strictly implemented through the sports department and other teachers.
  • Classrooms will be disinfected/ sanitised every morning and cleaned after hours by the cleaning staff.
  • Masks will always be worn by teachers and students in the school.
  • The school medical team will also record temperatures of all students at the school entrance and only those students and teachers who are in the permissible temperature limit will be allowed into the school premises.
  • All other administrative staff which include admin office staff, security staff, and logistical support staff will also be screened daily by the school medical team.
  • All common surfaces will be disinfected regularly.


  • Teachers will identify the number of students who would be coming to attend the physical classrooms.
  • A fresh timetable will be prepared based on the classes and number of students.
  • A note will be sent to the parents informing them of the need to conduct limited classes and take their approval for their child attending the classes in school.
  • In case parents do not want their child to be sent to school, they would be requested to provide a written undertaking of the same. The child, however, will still be able to attend the class as a live streaming through Zoom.
  • A draft note to include all the general instructions for restricted school reopening, do and don’ts for students attending the classrooms and an acceptance note to be signed by the parent will be prepared by the senior teaching staff, approved by the Principal and then released to the parents.
  • Teachers will plan for live streaming of the class to students who have taken the option of not attending the physical classroom.


  • A detailed do and don’ts instruction sheet will be sent to each student who will be attending the physical classroom.
  • Students will be expected to stringently follow all health and safety rules while in school.
  • Teachers will brief the students at the start of the day on the need for adhering to safety protocols during school hours.


  • General instructions will be sent to all the affected parents on the restricted school reopening and importance of their children attending the same.
  • A note informing parents of all the COVID-19 safety protocols being put in place including the student ratio being decreased to half the class in each classroom will be sent before school re-opens.
  • Parents will have the choice of not sending their ward to school.
  • The school will ask for an undertaking from the parents that they will sign an acceptance letter stating that they accept the precautions being taken and would not blame the school in the event the ward contacts COVID-19 which may or may not be related to his attending the school.
  • In case a parent decides not to send the child to school, he should provide a signed note stating the same.
  • Freedom International School will draw up Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for students, teachers, admin staff, support staff, medical team and our security personnel.


  • In the event that a parent needs transportation for their child, they may please contact:

Baghirathi Connected & Shared Mobility (I) Pvt.Ltd.
#1, Gopal Reddy Layout Rd,
Annaiah Reddy Layout,
Banaswadi, Bengaluru
Karnataka 560043


Contact Person: Mr. Anthony Raj - 7204764833