The most eagerly awaited Senior Annual Day finally made its debut at the newly inaugurated Freedom International School Auditorium this year. It took place over a span of three days, the 24th, 25th and 26th of November 2023. This year’s production was an adaptation of the Disney film ‘Inside Out’. The production provided lots of exciting opportunities for our young, eager actors. Although students did not get to attend ‘night practice’, spending hours on rehearsing in our wonderful auditorium made up for it!  As the dancers graced the stage with their elegance and poise, the melodious singers sang their hearts out, while the versatile actors did their thing……act! From dress rehearsals to getting on stage and giving it our all, it was an absolute blast! The audience relished scrumptious baked goodies from one of the many stalls set up and enjoyed tangy ‘chaats’ from our cafeteria. Apart from oven made treats, other stalls were set up by our very own students, including handmade jewellery and loads of other goodies! We were able  to pull it off so flawlessly thanks to the support we got from our teachers, school staff and our Principal. The environment itself was extremely encouraging and overall the experience was one that we will always  remember.