The Principal Speaks

Sneha Rai - Principal Freedom International School

Having been a part of Freedom International School since its inception in 2006, I have watched it morphing from a school with 25 students to over 1600 today. From a fledgling, FIS was carefully and gently nurtured by our founder principal Mrs. Jayanti Prabhakar, to confidently and successfully stride towards the future. As a school FIS is constantly balancing academics with the needs of the future. As John Dewey said “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” This constantly evolving world of today requires children to be able to adapt, to create and innovate. It is not just about what you know, but rather how you know it, and what you are planning to do with that knowledge. By presenting students with deeper-level questions and instant access to almost infinite data information, teachers are able to encourage children to become inquisitive problem-solvers and innovators. In today's global economy we need to nurture trailblazers and spirited individuals for all the challenges and opportunities ahead. Sam Pabon has summarised this thought very aptly~ “As educators we should help facilitate goals and help cast a vision for students that will, not only, stretch their imaginations, but also their beliefs regarding what is possible…"