Houses and competitions

Houses & Competitions

FIS makes excellent arrangements for children's participation in competitions.We train,inspire and encourage them to give their best and win laurels for themselves and their alma mater. These competitions not only give the students the platform to showcase their talents,but also help them to absorb and assimilate various aspects from their peers coming from varied institutions.


To keep the social thread alive and intact in the children, most festivals, both national and religious are celebrated with great vigour and enthusiasm. We believe that there are many things that cannot be taught, except by experience.Hence celebrations are an integral part of school life and cultural diversity is one of the most celebrated aspects at FIS.

Wings gives flight to freedom of thought and expression, therefore we have the four Houses named after birds. Canary represents the yellow House, Flamingo the red House, Pelican the blue House and Toucan the green House.

Inter House Competitions are held at every level, throughout the year at FIS. A competition is a social process. Through competitions, children learn social skills and integration. They find it exciting and learn all about team work as well as individual effort. Competing students learn to think creatively and outside the box so that they can better their game.