The Freedom International School Junior Annual Day was held with pomp and splendour on 2nd, 3rd and 4th December 2023. It was an adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and was called ‘Mithai Masti’. Months of hard work went into this wonderful production by the teachers and students which showcased the talented actors, graceful dancers and melodious singers. The newly-inaugurated auditorium with its amazing sound, light effects and video wall added to the pizazz of the performance and left the audience spellbound.  All the three shows commenced with an invocation song and dance by the students of grades 3 to 5. The fun-filled play featured all the children over five shows. There was delectable food in the stalls and the cafeteria during the intermission. The audience was very lively, encouraging their children by applauding enthusiastically. The Principal and other guests including the Managing Director of Veera Soudha Trust expressed their sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to this amazing production.