Community Voices

Ajay and Divya, Parent Of Shiven - LKG E

With the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, like most parents, we were sceptical about the effectiveness of online classes.

However, we didn’t have much choice, did we?

So, with mixed thoughts, we enrolled our ward, Shiven Pandey in LKG-E (21-22 batch) at FIS. However, we were in for a pleasant surprise. The learning materials provided are so thorough and each class activity is quite thought-provoking. Most importantly, when we ask Shiven about how was his class for the day – he shouts at the top of his lungs – “IT WAS FUN!" He enjoys his class and eagerly waits for it every single day. Kudos to all of the FIS teachers, especially Nipun Ma’am and Amrita Ma’am for making learning so interesting, enjoyable, playful and for ensuring that kids don’t miss out on anything important despite the online medium. Obviously, we are waiting for the offline classes to resume so that kids can really enjoy face to face interaction with their peers as well as with the exceptionally gifted teachers at FIS. Thank you so much for alleviating our fears about loss in learning due to pandemic. Finally, we were so impressed with the FIS teachers that we decided Shiven should take his younger brother Neelansh (Nursery, 22-23 batch) in tow to FIS .

Archana R, Parent Of Adityan Vipin - LKG E

Firstly, our appreciation and gratitude to Freedom International School for efficiently managing the virtual class which is quite academically and emotionally challenging for both the teachers and students. Special mention to Adityan’s class teachers Nipun Ma'am and Amritha Ma'am for their never ending effort in encouraging, guiding and teaching patience coupled with music, art, activities, interactive sessions etc. making his virtual class journey ride an exciting one. Keep up the good work teachers. As a parent I know my son is in the right place when I hear Adityan telling me with all smiles after every class - "I enjoyed todays class Amma" Thank you for that FIS.

Hitesh Khatpalani F/o Paarth Khatpalani-LKG D

Freedom International is a great institution. There are three things which stand out for me.

  1. Good curriculum and a great learning pedagogy
    1. A lot of focus on soft skills along with core knowledge 
    2. Inculcating good habits and shaping the character of the child
    3. Emphasis on inputs and methodology resulting in right outputs
  2. A deep understanding of child psychology
    1. Despite operating online (remotely), teachers are able to access the uniqueness of the child. They deal with the kids accordingly.
    2. The feedback is timely and genuine 
  3. Sensitive to parents in these challenging times
    1. The school and teachers are sensitive to parents who have to manage both kids and the office
    2. They guide you well in case you miss the class due to some emergency issues
    3. There isn’t a lot of preparation expected from parents for the class. They have adapted well to the online mode. 

Overall we are enjoying our journey so far with Freedom International school ????

Balamurugan R, F/o Sanjana B

FIS is a school with modern outlook which upholds traditional values. It has good infrastructure with spacious airy classrooms. The school campus is kept clean and well maintained. Ample space is accorded for stress relieving activities like yoga and playing fields are available for various sports.

The curriculum is updated every year with the needs of children being the priority. The children are encouraged to think out of the box and they are exposed to the real world through different external and competitions. Civil awareness is inculcated. Students are provided with a choice of clubs and hobby classes to develop their skills and interact with people sharing similar interests. 

Career guidance through guest speakers was helpful to students who wanted to explore options.

Teachers are amiable and dedicated, creating an atmosphere of mutual respect. The school works with the parents to influence students’ progress.

Children feel safe in school, work together and support each other. They are motivated to be the best they can be. Overall, it is great place to learn.

Parent Name: Sudhir Nair and Sheeja Menon 

My wards, Pranav S Nair and Varun S Nair are students of Grade XII and VII respectively.

Freedom International has just the right mix of values, discipline, freedom and firmness. They give students the platform to tap their potential, realize their strengths and hone their skills. Their areas of improvement are taken care of by means of constant encouragement and motivation from teachers and other peers alike.

We have seen our children blossom into young adults under the vigilant care of the teachers and other staff. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you associated with this institution in being instrumental to bring out the best in my children.
  We wish the institution the best and wonderful journey ahead!!

Manoj Kumar, Suryamritha.M

I, Manoj Kumar, father of Suryamritha.M of Class XI A, would like to thank the faculty and management of Freedom International School for moulding my daughter into the capable person she is today.

I am immensely happy with the dedication of the teachers in training and clarifying the doubts of the students, and the emphasis on cultural events and extracurricular activities. FIS truly knows how to develop a student with strong foundations in both academic and extra-curricular activities.


I look forward to seeing its continuous growth in the future too.

Student Name: Sanraj Lachhiramka

My Son Sanraj Lachhiramka, student of class XI has been studying in this school since class 7. As parents, we are happy and satisfied with the progress he has made as a student at FIS. The guidance received from the hard working and able faculty members is reflected in his all-round development here. School facilities are adequate. Spacious well lit rooms help students to focus on their studies well. Enough opportunities and support is provided in sports, performing arts and fine arts in addition to academics.

Overall FIS is a great and effective educational Institution. We wish the FIS team continued success in the future.

Parent’s Name: Kabita Lachhiramka

Student Name: Abhijith Ajith

Class : XI

My son has been studying in FIS for 5 years and we have seen an overall personal development in him, after joining this school. The school has a balanced timetable for academic and extra-curricular activities. It also has good leadership and a good faculty.

Parent’s  Name : Aswathy Soman F/o of Abhijith Ajith

Parents Name : Ruchi Agrawal & Kapil Gupta

It has been a wonderful journey for us, with Freedom International school since 2008, when our daughter Vasundhara Gupta (now in XI-A) joined FIS in UKG. The entire FIS team has contributed in shaping her personality.

We would specifically want to mention the fact that our daughter did not take any tuition outside, yet excelled in academics year after year, with a score of 93.8% in Grade 10. This displays the excellent teaching at FIS.

We truly appreciate the discipline in the school, admire receiving a planned academic calendar which the school adheres to and the updates of the portion covered every week via the Friday folder mail.

We also extend our thanks for the fact that the teachers identified Vasundhara’s potential and gave her an opportunity to be a part of the school cabinet for two consecutive years.

We appreciate the curricular and extra co-curricular activities in school and must mention that students & teachers work hard to put excellent shows during annual day & sports day.

We conclude by mentioning that our journey was so pleasant that we and our child Vasundhara, made a choice to continue with FIS till grade XII and took admission this year again at FIS.

Shobhana Venkataraman, (M/O Gayathri Sathish)

My daughter has been studying in Freedom International School for past 12 years the school has contributed to her over all development. I have seen a great deal of growth in academics as well as in extra-curricular activities. She enjoys going to school. The school takes care of the students’ safety and ensures a friendly environment.

All the teachers and staff members are approachable. Overall, we as parents are happy with the school.

Preeti Garg, (M/O Mitul Garg)

Freedom International School has played an integral role in developing my son’s personality. Freedom International School have excellent faculty and caring staff in various domains. The school focuses not only on academics but on the overall development of children. My son is completing 12 years in this school and the values and skills that was taught here throughout has made him more confident.

I am thankful to the principal, faculty and staff of Freedom International School.

Vijay Bharti

My daughter Sharmishtha Bharti is studying in Grade XII at Freedom International School, Bangalore. I would like to share my feedback and appreciation for Freedom International School, which I found to be the right choice for my daughter.

We shifted her from another school a little late but the kind of support extended by the school and all the teachers was commendable. FIS helped her to pick up the portions that she had missed and helped her to get her fundamentals correct to build a strong foundation for her XI and XII syllabus. The teachers have phenomenal knowledge of their subject and convey the concepts clearly to the students. My daughter has improved overall and has started showing results.

I would like to thank the school management, the principal and all the teachers for their good work.

Parent of Namita P and Nikhil P

A safe and secure learning environment and good approachable teachers aim for excellence in all aspects of learning. A reliable support staff encourages students to develop skills and increase their knowledge. Teachers motivate students to excel in all areas including personal goals. FIS has a professional and supportive academic staff.

Sharada Ganesh, M/O Anisha Kaundinya

Our daughter has been studying in Freedom International School, HSR Layout, Bangalore for the past 11 years. We find the teachers very approachable. The teachers are meticulous in completing the CBSE – prescribed curriculum. The school attempts to create a balance between academic and extra-curricular activities. The lab and sports facilities are good. The school is centrally located and easily accessible.

Shaikh Abu Istiaque, F/O Shermeen Ulfat

The journey at FIS has been the most memorable for me and my daughter. The school infrastructure and teaching quality is all in place. Studying at FIS, my daughter has learned many moral values and has had a clear concept of everything taught in the class. The teachers and the staff are to be given all the stars, for their willing, helpful nature. Many internal competitions have also improved my child’s performance and personality.

Ms. Vasanthi Prabhu, (M/O of Thushara Prabhu)

. We enrolled our daughter in LKG at FIS with high expectations of getting her exposed to the best possible education. We are delighted to say that we were not disappointed at all till date. We remain proud of one of the best decisions we took for our daughter without a second a thought. We enrolled out second daughter in the same school because we were very content with the way the school staff groomed. Thushara into the fine young student that she is today.

We can say with confidence that this school has a very strong hand behind our child’s success.

Thank you 

Rashmi Shrinithi, Teacher

I am proud to be a faculty of Freedom International School as it is a very different environment to any I have ever experienced. The level of care and trust the administration has in their teachers is so unique and special. I have felt supported and cheered on from the moment I signed on the line. I feel honoured to work with such professional and positive teachers. I feel like I have grown more in the first half of this year than I did in my last eight years of teaching. As a first year teacher, I feel extremely supported by my co-teachers and also feel confident that they have given me ample room to grow as an educator. Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to work in this institute. 


- R. Nallathai, Teacher

My experience at FIS has been truly enriching in every aspect. I have grown as a teacher and as an individual too. The environment at FIS encourages everyone to think beyond and think different. The best part of FIS is that we work as a team which ensures continuous hand holding. The management is approachable and extremely supportive to the ideas put forward. 

I have been a part of the FIS family for nine years now, and I can confidently say that our students enjoy their time in school in a very productive way. I am certain that the spirit of the school, the respect for each other and the professional approach are the strengths of our school. We ensure that the students inculcate values right from their young age.  The school atmosphere creates the feeling of ‘I can’ in every individual. It is an absolute pleasure and honour to be a part of FIS. 

Tejaswi A, Teacher

This is my fourth year working at FIS and I have been very impressed with the work atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoy the relationships with my co-workers. I think most of the time we are like a family, not work friends. I love the support that we get from our management. My students are my motivation and my drive to succeed as their teacher. This school is a safe, warm and friendly school.

Bedwati Pani, Teacher

My journey at Freedom International School has been enriching and overwhelming. FIS has a positive vibe and engaging environment that is perfect for teaching and learning. The keyword however, in our work culture is ‘family’. In my four years of teaching here, I have never hesitated to ask my team and superiors for support because I am absolutely confident that no one will judge me for seeking help and I have never hesitated to offer help because I am equally sure that no one will take undue advantage of my offer. That is why as a teacher, treating my students as a part of my family comes naturally to me at FIS. I don’t have to put an extra effort to do that.