Sneha Rai


freedom international School

Antoine De Saint-Exupery said, "I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind." At Freedom International, we believe that to be true…Every child has his or her place in the sun to discover, to dream, to achieve and to explore. Ten years after the inception of our school, I am exceedingly proud and satisfied with how far we have come. Starting off with just 25 students in June 2006, we are now a 1300 plus. We have a dream, a vision of the kind of school Freedom International should be. We dream of a school which children delight in attending; a place full of greenery where the teachers are firm but kind and share the curiosity of the children; where children are constantly learning, often without being aware of it. The classrooms are lively, the lessons interactive, sometimes interrupted by another teacher who has discovered an unusual insect or plant in the garden and has come to share her discovery with the children. Children arrive at conclusions on their own thorough observation and hands on activities. The school is a place which is ruled not by the fear of 'not completing portions' but by the need to master concepts. The children learn concepts so thoroughly that they can apply those concepts to different situations in their own lives. While organization and discipline are important, there is also flexibility and the freedom to innovate and be creative among teachers and students alike. Our children have thus grown with us to become independent, confident and good at team work while not forgetting to be good human beings. Raising happy, well-adjusted children who create their own learning path and are able to hold their own anywhere they go, is what we work towards each and every day.