Choral Recitation and Debate Competition- 2018

The Inter House Choral Recitation Competition was held on 21st August 2018. This Inter House competition took place in two categories :
Classes 1 & 2 and Classes 3 & 4.
The poems were recited smartly and rhythmically supported by colourful props and costumes.
The Inter House Debate Competition took place on 28th August 2018 and 30th August 2018.Some of the topics included, "The more the degrees, the better are the chances for success," "Do Indians have a sense of social responsibility?" and "Should education in the future be knowledge based or skill based?". The children had valid and insightful points which were debated on with great gusto.

The debate for Classes 9 & 10 was conducted in the Parliamentary style. The Government and the Opposition put forth their points confidently in front of the Speaker.

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