December-2018 Sports Day


Junior Sports Day

The FIS junior sports day was a colorful, fun filled event held on 7 January 2018.The theme "Indigenous games " was aptly called 'KHEL FIS KHEL '. The day started with an 'invocation' followed by the 'lighting of the torch'.Then there was an orderly walk past led by the flag bearers and mascot bearers.The mascots ' Hathi, Oont, and the Basava' were colorfully decorated. The tiny tots took part in various races which were inspired by indigenous games .

Senior Sports Day

Senior Sports Day was celebrated on 8th September 2018. “Aata Aadu”, was the tagline, referring to the games played in the villages of India.The event began with the inauguration song, invoking the blessings of the Almighty . This was followed by the March Past which was a marvelous display of discipline and co-ordination followed traditional dances and art forms from all over India. This was followed by fun and flat races, obstacle and hurdles in which the athletes showed their prowess.

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