UKG MEET & GREET! 16th July 2022

The sudden transition from real to virtual and virtual to real has been phenomenal and Freedom International has risen to the occasion, ensuring we adapt and overcome this sweeping change. At FIS, team UKG came up with a unique initiative called ‘Meet & Greet’ wherein parents got a chance to spend some fun time up and close with their children in class and explore the different areas of the school as part of the school tour. 

The 16th of July brought with it cheer, joy, giggles and loads of laughter. It was such a delight to watch the children demonstrate their independence and display their cognitive skills through some fun-filled activities. Watching the little ones dancing to the tune of ‘I like to Jive’ and working in collaboration with their parents for making a ‘Reward Chart’ was a treat in itself.
The parents and children enjoyed every activity and this was quite palpable when we saw their enthusiastic participation.
The Meet & Greet session concluded with the school tour. The children brimmed with excitement when they tagged along with their parents and walked down the different areas of the school which they learn to be familiar with as part of their daily learning. The parents were appreciative and happy to see the efforts the teachers had taken to facilitate this event. 

We as educators express our gratitude for all the support our parents have extended in making this event a memorable one.